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Player Information

Name: Gaa
Personal LJ: ninthphilosophy
Age: 23
Contact Info: [aim] totallynotgaa [yim] gaakishi [plurk] gaakishi
Other Characters Played: Roxas

Character Information

Character Name: Amadeus Ethelbert
Character Series: Homestuck
Character Age: Eighteen
Character Gender: Male
Alternate Universe
Canon Point: Post-scratch, before the start of Act 6/while making his Jane Crocker character sheet.
Background Link: As if you didn't already have a link to this wiki
AU Background: It all started with Ammy's dad's hobby shop. Amadeus grew up in the second floor of the store, but spent most of his youth avoiding it. His father's dream had been to create a haven for nerds and the like, but the constant ruckus from the first floor made Ammy less inclined to go ever get involved. It wasn't until he was sixteen, and realized how horribly atrocious his dad was at book keeping that Ammy ever had any interest in the business at all. His father had begun dating near-constantly, and with their relationship strained, Ammy took care of watching over the front desk. That's how he met Victor (AU!Vriska). The two became friends fast due in part to Victor's forward attitude. However, Victor also made fun of Ammy near-constantly because the boy knew next to nothing about the D&D supplies and such that the store sold.

One day, Victor came in, with an offer- the DM who was running the campaign he was playing in needed more people for a side campaign. Ammy didn't know what to think of it really, but took the offer. That's when he met Raiden (AU!Dave), Briar (AU!Rose), and Echidna (AU!Jade). It wasn't clear at first, but as the campaign went on for weeks, Ammy eventually got the feeling that Dick...didn't like him much. After John's first IC death, the group was at their breaking point. It took the combined powers of all four players to effectively break the campaign, taking revenge for all Dick's asshole moves and hazing, with all four characters achieving God Tier. They had set it up so their campaign would be merged with the "Troll" campaign Victor and the others were in, since Dick was likewise trying to ruin their game as well...but at the last minute, Dick forced the group of four to roll up new characters. With the special note that Amadeus had to play a Crocker, poking sarcasm in to Am's diabetes. To put it bluntly, Am nearly had a moment.

John and Amadeus differ in a lot of ways- John may be a bit self-mockery on Am's part. For one, no meteors destroyed Earth! Ammy isn't as oblivious as his character, and he actually has a very acidic relationship with his father, deep down. The man is always off doing this or that, being a "hippie", which caused resentment to seep in. Ammy has no interest in movies or programming either, and mostly gave those to John because of the Con Air jokes about his stuffed rabbit.

Personality: Amadeus is a childish teenager in many ways, but otherwise average. He's responsible, quiet, and carries a stuffed rabbit in his badass Captain America backpack at all times. Shy and withdrawn, he only really opens up online, and at that he's usually very passive and quick to to be non-confrontational. The few friends he has stem from his bi-weekly D&D campaign, where he plays a thirteen year old kid named John in some weird campaign run by a guy named Dick. It started out as harmless fun, but...quickly became an event, in and of itself.

Ammy has a lot of other hobbies- sewing was his earliest, but he also enjoys magic tricks, science, ghost stories, the paranormal, roller coasters, swimming, and utaite (a guilty pleasure, honest!!). He also works the counter at his dad's hobby shop, and balances their funds for the business. Amadeus is phenomenal at math, and can do computations with ease in his head. He's good at playing the piano as well, and can cook well enough to feed himself and his dad.

Ammy is very naive, and always trying to think of ways to keep everyone working together, so they don't end up like the Troll Campaign. Lucky for him, the Kid Campaign players seem to be on much better footing with one another. Echidna (Chi) is like a sister to him, and Rai is his best friend forever. He's very clingy with his friends, not liking being separated for them when the opportunity presents itself to hang out. He tries to laugh away his insecurities, but he has his fair share of issues. Ammy is so far in the closet that he might as well tunnel to China, and his dad's irresponsibility and constant dating have taken a toll on him. As well, Dick seems to have it out for him- openly mocking and threatening his stuffed rabbit, throwing John in to the campaign first when Ammy had no experience with the system, and rubbing in Amadeus's diabetes by making him roll up Jane with a Betty Crocker background. It's nowhere near the hazing Karl (Karkat's player) gets, but deep down, Amadeus is growing a bit wary about how seriously Dick takes the campaign.

Abilities: Ammy is good at math, business and money things, as well as hard sciences. However, he can also play piano, and is trying (in vain) to learn to play Matryoshka. Amadeus is good at magic tricks, and at the very least passable at all of his other hobbies. He's also got a rudimentary understanding of D&D, but...you're better off asking anyone else. He forgets details, rolls, and dicerolls almost immediately after being told about them. If left to stand around for too long with music around, Ammy eventually gives in to free stepping. He's trying to learn to pop'n'lock, but it's slow going.
Sample Entry: Dear mun, and a silly thing.


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